Sneeze Response by Language

Language Response meaning in English Reply meaning in English
Mandarin ”(live to) 100 years old” “Excuse me.”
Japanese “Are you all right?” “Sorry.” or “Excuse me.”
Gīkūyū “Are you sick?” “Not really!”
Kusaal “God speaks truth” “Amen!”
Kiswahili “I am sorry” “Already feeling better” / “Thank you”
Mongolian “May God forgive you.”
Kazakh “May Tengri give me five hundred horses” “Half mine, half yours”
Telugu “May you be blessed with a life without death” “Thank you”
Pashto “Patience” “Thank you”
Hawaiian “Sneeze, and you shall live” “Thank you”
Yiddish “Sneezed on truth”
Yoruba “Sorry” “Thank you”
Mandarin “Drink more water” .
Navajo They said it “Yes, they did”
German “You shall grow tall!” “Thank you (very much).”
Serbian “Go away kitten”