Behind the Curtain

The reason that art and writing are meaningful is because of the author's intention behind it; what are they trying to communicate?

Even if art to someone who isn't trained (or is, for that matter) is indistinguishable between a human artist and GAI (generative artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, Dall-E etc), the human artist for all their faults, is actually trying to do something. Listen to any artist who cares talk about what they're doing, it is imbued with meaning, more than the audience could ever pick up on. When you have GAI create something that looks like art, it's completely stripped of any meaning. The AI isn't trying to communicate anything, all it is (right now) is an algorithm that is attempting to guess the next most likely word, what order these pixels should be in based on the inputs. It's extremely sophisticated, more than I can understand, but to the computer, there's nothing behind the words. It’s almost the same as someone trying to draw Shakespeare’s works.

There can be no clarifying questions because there is nothing to clarify.

When you (yes, you) feel there is meaning behind something GAI spit out, it is because you put it there.