Computers Have No Meaning

If you have something to say, ChatGPT cannot replace you.

Something I've been thinking about for the last few weeks is, “Why write, when AI can do it faster? Why should anyone?”

There is a material difference between when a human writes and when AI does.

When you write, there is something behind the words. There is a meaning, a point to what you are trying to say. Let's call it a gift that you are giving to the reader. “I have something important for you, here you go.”

When AI writes that doesn't exist. It isn't trying to tell you anything at all. There is no intention behind the picture, it is just doing a very good job at guessing of what you expect to hear or see.

If you have something to say, keep saying it. It might take a while for people to find your message who need to hear it, but when you finally connect with them, there is a kind of magic that can't be automated.