advanced framing

From the Brian Potter at Construction Physics.

Likewise, we’ve previously talked about advanced framing (sometimes called optimal value engineering), a method of light framed wood design that uses less lumber by arranging structural elements to streamline load paths and minimize redundancy. Though this seems like an easy win (estimates range from 10-25% reduction in framing material costs, and potentially even larger labor savings), empirically builders seem reluctant to take it, due to the added coordination difficulties and design effort, and the potential downside if the carpenters make a mistake. A slightly misplaced floor joist that can be easily accommodated by normal framing could cause a serious issue in advanced framing were it not caught and repaired.

The last 3 jobs we were barely able to coordinate with our non english speaking framing crew. I don't work for this GC anymore, but there are many middle size GCs that build apartment buildings who only look at the lowest bid price.

We had to add a beam in for a structural change in the building and had to reset it at least three times.

Any complication that eats into profit is too risky.