You've found my business page! Maybe it's by clicking on a link in my email signature or somewhere else on the web. How exciting.

Here's what I do:

I work with businesses to standardize processes and create tools with software they already use. There are two goals. Either help them accomplish more or spend less time in the office.

I do this by speaking plainly and asking simple questions, and here's the key, I listen.

In the last four years I've worked mostly in construction and have learned to say what I actually mean instead of using jargon, though construction has it's own. Ask any wood butcher.

The main software that I use is Microsoft Excel, most folks know how to enter data and use it, they just need a little help in having Excel do the heavy lifting. Entering data five times is almost never necessary.

Your business creates a lot of data, it's time you use it.

My Business Model

I work with people who I enjoy working with. I don't take every job. I've had clients who expect next day delivery with a boatload of changes, that usually doesn't work for either of us. For pricing there are a couple of ways to go about it.

We can do hourly at $125 an hour and I'll tell you how many hours I will work and that's my price, or we can agree on a set price from the beginning. It's the same to me. Usually a project is worth a set amount to your business owner, ideally, it should be based on value to you.

Most business owners time is worth at least $100/hour, if the project will save an hour a week here's what I figure, 52*$100=$5,200 – this project is probably worth about $500 or 4 hours of my time.

But the truth is, if it took me 5 minutes and saved you an hour every single week or it took me 25 hours and still only saved you an hour a week, it should be worth the same to you.

List of Industries I've helped

List of Selected Projects

If you think we would work well together (even if you don't have a project right now), drop me a line, business at this website domain.